Flute Frenzy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Williamsburg, VA with a mission to enrich the community by providing a quality flute choir experience to flutists in Williamsburg and surrounding areas in which participants improve individual skills, play the various flutes in the flute family, and prepare and present flute choir concerts in the area. Have a look around our website and get to know us.
Flute Frenzy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Williamsburg, VA  with a mission to enrich the community by providing a quality flute choir experience to flutists in Williamsburg and surrounding areas in which participants improve individual skills, play the various flutes in the flute family, and prepare and present flute choir concerts in the area. Have a look around our website and get to know us.

Comments From Participants and Audience

The students’ desire to be a part of flute choir is probably the best testament to the importance it plays in their musical development. Click on the link to the left to read what they like about flute choir, what they have learned from it, and how they feel their playing has changed as a result of participating in the group.

Take a look at what audience members have to say as well.  

We think you will want to experience it yourself!  Join us!--either in one of the flute ensembles, or in the audience at one of our concerts!

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