Flute Frenzy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Williamsburg, VA with a mission to enrich the community by providing a quality flute choir experience to flutists in Williamsburg and surrounding areas in which participants improve individual skills, play the various flutes in the flute family, and prepare and present flute choir concerts in the area. Have a look around our website and get to know us.
Flute Frenzy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Williamsburg, VA  with a mission to enrich the community by providing a quality flute choir experience to flutists in Williamsburg and surrounding areas in which participants improve individual skills, play the various flutes in the flute family, and prepare and present flute choir concerts in the area. Have a look around our website and get to know us.

Winter Concert December 2015

Great Wolf Lodge December 2015

Ice Rink

Freedom Park Concert 2015

Great Wolf Lodge 2014

Summer Flute Camp 2013

Williamsburg Farmer's Market May 2014

Winter Concert December 2013

An Occasion for the Arts Fall 2013

Summer Flute Camp 2013

Fantasia Choir at Ewell Hall on May 3, 2012

Holiday Concert December 2012 - Signs (And Sounds) of the Season

York River Symphony Orchestra Concert Oct 2012

Flute Frenzy at the Farmers Market Oct 2012

Flute Frenzy at the Occasion for the Arts 2012

Summer Academy Concert at the Williamsburg Pottery 2012

Summer Games 2012 at Our Savior Lutherian Church

Flute Frenzy Concert 2012 at St. Bede Catholic Church

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