Audition Requirements


A placement audition is requested for the Flute Frenzy High School Choir. Please send a message here to schedule an audition time.


There are no audition requirements for the Prelude or Fantasia choirs. Click to learn more about each choir: Prelude, Flute Frenzy, Fantasia.



Flute Frenzy High school auditions:

  1. 5 major scales of your choice, 2 octaves.   Scales should be played legato tongued up and down at a recommended tempo of 100 to the quarter note, in the rhythm of a quarter note followed by 6 eighth notes for each octave.
  2. F chromatic scale, 2 octaves, in sixteenth notes, at a recommended tempo of 92 to the quarter note (or as fast as you can play cleanly and accurately), slurred ascending, repeating the top note and tongued descending.
  3. One or two pieces of your choice which show your tone quality and your technical ability, with a total length no longer than 3 minutes.
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