Summer Camp 

Virtual Summer Camp 2020
Flute Frenzy Summer Flute Camp For Youth Flutists entering grades 6-12 Hours: 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
From July 27th to July 31th, 2020 Daily
Online Event

When we created this theme, we had no idea the forseeable future would be virtual!  Yes, Flute Frenzy still plans to hold its yearly summer camp, but all instruction will now take place online. With music from Bach to the present, we have so many things to share with you:

• A fun piece written just for head joints

• Technique classes for all levels

• Special presentations: You can choose from various topics, such as basic flute repair, simple flutes (like fife and penny whistle), extended techniques, rhythm classes, conducting, how to choose a new flute, gadgets for the flute, piccolo hints, playing the low flutes, helpful technology, etc. Your suggestions are welcome.

• Ensemble classes

The camp will meet online 9:30-11:30 daily, July 27-31, 2020.  The week will culminate in a virtual  “concert.”


16 campers, from 7th to 12th grades, boys and girls, went on our musical trip. They learned to play a great deal of New York themed music in a very short time and performed a concert at Patriot’s Colony which was much appreciated by the residents. The campers also received instruction from guest speakers in the elements of jazz, piccolo playing, and the alto and bass flutes. The Friday session ended with the traditional pizza party, performance evaluations, and awards.


2020 summer camp details will be available next April. Join us!


Come one! come all!

Flute Choirs!

Learn to play Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flutes.


Lights! Camera! Action!

The eleven young flutists enjoyed playing music from movies that spanned over 70 years of cinema!  In just one week, the players learned over 20 pieces of music.  We had two special guests who taught piccolo pointers as well as improvisation.  Theory and Technique classes were taught each day in an encouraging environment which expanded the campers’ overall experience.    As a finale the flutists played a two hour concert at the Farmers Market in Merchants Square in Williamsburg. 


We need to meet our minimum size of 15 students before July 12th for the camp to go ahead.  Register now, and encourage fluting friends to do so, but do not send payment until you hear confirmation that the camp will proceed.
                 PO BOX 1266, Williamsburg, VA 23187-1266

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