Margaret Carlson

Artistic Director Emeritus




Margaret Carlson

Founder & Acting Artistic Director

Katherine Draney

Prelude & Capriccio Conductor

Lisa Jacobsen Stone

Overture Conductor

Thom Recktenwald

Substitute Conductor


Sandra Hood


Ashley O'Neill


Andrew Lund


Thom Recktenwald

Logistics Manager

Margaret Carlson

Acting Artistic Director

Mission Statement

Flute Frenzy is organized and operated solely to carry out charitable and educational goals by providing an ensemble experience for flutists in the area.  Its mission is to offer students a chamber music opportunity where they can improve their musical skills, play the different instruments in the flute family, and interrelate with peers who share a common interest.  In addition to the rewarding experience of the performing members, Flute Frenzy exposes the public to a wealth of wonderful music written specifically for flute ensembles.

  • Students learn valuable cooperative skills by participating in a chamber ensemble.

  • The ensemble will be enjoyable and educational and allow the participants to experience music in a different way than they can in band or orchestra.

  • Each student is an important member of the ensemble and brings to it both individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Each student will be encouraged to share strengths and improve weaknesses.

  • Students accept and appreciate critical analysis when it is presented in a constructive way, and learn to understand its importance to the final product.

  • Students gain self-confidence when they support the group by playing their part well.

  • Students will improve musical skills and build self-confidence by working together in a supportive way.

  • Working together by listening to each other's ideas is important to the cohesiveness of the group and the quality of the final product.

  • Students learn the cooperative ensemble skills necessary to perform successfully.

  • All parts of the music are important to form a complete ensemble.

  • Each student will play a variety of "parts" and be offered the possibility of playing the piccolo, C, alto, and bass flutes.

  • Experiencing ensembles of various sizes is important to refining and developing skills. (For example, self-directing leads to a better understanding of ensemble skills and also improves listening skills.)

  • Music is an avenue of expression and communication.

  • Sharing music with the community is an important goal of the preparation process.

  • Music will be shared in public community performances, and also taken to those community residents who are not able to travel to the public performances.

  • Students will be encouraged to augment their education by participating in music workshops of different types.

  • Community cooperation will be promoted by encouraging membership of students from many different schools.