Beginners' Classes

A branch of the Prelude Choir, the beginners' class is a small ensemble program for flutists in their first year playing flute. Students should be able to play at least *five* notes and will receive instruction in the basics of tone production and flute technique, such as tonguing and hand position. When ready, they will be introduced to the independence of playing ensemble music with several different parts.


Students must supply their own C flutes. This class prepares students to enter the regular Prelude choir.

The teacher is Mrs. Lisa Jacobsen Stone.  She earned a performance degree in flute from James Madison University, and recently retired from WJCC schools where she was a much admired middle school and high school choir director.  




Information for 2020-2021 classes will be available shortly.
                 PO BOX 1266, Williamsburg, VA 23187-1266

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